Monday, November 1, 2010

Evening of Fluxus Performance

Elizabeth Obelenus, Galen Yates, Reed Altemus & Melissa McCarthy perform "Balloon Event by Luc Fierens

Danger Music #17 by Dick Higgins

One of the Dollars de Dada from Mary Campbell found a happy recipient

"Futurists Meet Fluxus" by Ginny Lloyd

Christine Tarantino's "Life in 90 Seconds"

The audience's favorite: "Memorama", by Bibiana Padilla Maltos

Performing Jim Leftwich's "Poem event", using words written by audience members

Reed Altemus performing Luc Fierens' "Rose Event"

Distributing pebbles for Allan Revich's "Trade Pebbles With a Friend"

"Drink two glasses of water at the same time" by Picasso Gaglione, performed by Reed Altemus 

"A Book About Death @ Belknap Mill" hosted an Evening of Fluxus Performance as part of the reception for the exhibit. A small but highly appreciative audience viewed close to 20 Fluxus performance events, participating in some. More images to follow.

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